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What Defund The Police Looks LIke

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No Police

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With A Taser Pulse Stun Gun

Rapper Raz Simone Installs Himself As Warlord and Creates An Autonomous Zone Complete With A Private Police Force (Source)

An “autonomous zone” near Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington has reportedly embraced the anarcho-capitalist dream of creating a private vigilante police force to patrol the streets of the commune.

In the autonomous zone, the streets seem to be controlled by a hip hop artist-turned-warlord by the name of Raz Simone. Raz has allegedly established an armed private police force that does not hesitate to dole out beatings to communal miscreants who misbehave (break the law, as determined by Raz).

Of course all he is doing is what the police should have done in the first place. But since city hall failed to act when antifa/BLM protesters took over about 6-8 blocks of downtown Seattle and established it as an anarchist People’s Republic in the best Bolshevik tradition, Raz Simone stepped in too calm things down. (Source)

Of course, War Lords tend to use the force they think is necessary and there is no recourse if they over-react, but then this is Seattle, and they don't want cops to control crime, so I guess it'll be up to Warlord Raz to make the rules.

Good Luck With That.

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A Shocking Method Of Self Defense!!!

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53 Billions Volts Of Self Defense

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The Next Move Is Up To You

It's Your Decision - Act Or Loose The Country

And apparently, Democrats are onboard with this. If this isn't an indictment of the Democrats, who have run most of our biggest cities for decades, then nothing is.

The Democratic Party, with its currently leadership, needs to be voted out in the next election or I fear our country, as it stands now, will be truly changed, and not in a good way.

Everyone, that means Republicans, Independents, Democrats, Libertarians and anyone else who cares about the future of America, must vote for ANYONE other than a Democrat, No Matter What That Democrat Candidate Says. You cannot trust them to do the right thing, and even if they want to, because they ARE COMPELLED by the leadership of the Democrat Party to tow the Party Line.

This November, Vote Out The Democrats. Also, be careful of voting for Rhinos, Socialists, or Progressive. They have the same goals and politics as Democrats. As a final reminder, DO NOT BELIEVE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA! They ARE one and the same of the same animal. They are nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. BELIVE THEM NOT! I have links to conservative websites that will supply a more honest version the news, although a few of them are just a little too enthusiastic in their views and can overstate the facts. CLICK HERE for the links page.

You Can Be Part Of The Solution!! Vote Vote Vote

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