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Antifa Is The Militant Force Of The Radical Left

Time For Talk Is Just About Over - The Radical Are On The Move

Romney Is NOT A Rhino

Turns out Mitts has dirty mittens. He is not a Rhino, he is a traitorous bastard. And I am being diplomatic.

DirtyMittens has said that this country needs new leadership and he will not support the re-election of President Trump (Source).

But now DirtyMitten has stooped to marching with protestors, (SOURCE) who are organized by George Soros via Black Lives Matter and Antifa. (SOURCE)

You may call him a fool for being involved with such a violent group, but I can't believe he is a fool. He is an very smart man, so he is not doing this because he is confused. He is doing it to get rid of President Trump. He is not a fool.

He is a traitorous turncoat.

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