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Active Search Results Black Lives Matter Is A Terrorist Group

Black Lives Matter Is Just Another Terrorist Group!

George Soros Gave $33 Million To Them

They Are Arsonists

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And They Cop Haters

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And Are Anti- Americans

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And They Hate You!

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And They Want
Total Anarchy

Police Station On Flames

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We Believe in the
Rule Of Law

They want NO Law

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With A Taser Pulse Stun Gun

Over $100 Million From Leftist Groups

The Washington Times reported that, in 2016, the Black Lives Matter coalition raised over $100 million from a series of wealthy liberal foundations including The Ford Foundation, and an additional $33 million in grants from the Open Society Foundation (a George Soros organization), with additional grant-making from the Center for American Progress. (Source)

BLM are Abolitionists. As stated on the Black Lives Matter Website, their stated goal is this:

"We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished" (Source)

John Guandolo, a counter-terrorism expert, singled out Antifa and Black Lives Matter as “communist organizations”

According to Guandolo, Black Lives Matter wants “the anarchy. They want the chaos. What they’re doing on the streets today is communist doctrine, because when the chaos happens, then, what you get is a need for law and order and communism is a system that brings order to the community.” (Source)

Just one example of the militancy of BLM, in 2016, 12 Officers Shot, 5 Killed, by snipers At Black Lives Matter Protest in Dallas (Source)

And where is the FBI in all of this? Apparently, asleep at the switch. It seem they have been focused so much on bringing Trump down, that they forgot their main job.

A Shocking Method Of Self Defense!!!

58 Billions Volts On Your Side

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53 Billions Volts Of Self Defense

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Protesters In NYPD:

“What do we want? Dead cops!

When do we want it?

So where is all leading to?

Cops will back off from confronting the lawless and violent. Criminals will see an opening to seize opportunities. The urban poor who look to the police as their only protection will stay inside and lock their doors. And small businesses, realizing the cops may not be there, will sell and move out.

Sounds like the whole point of this is to create anarchy, looting, uncontrolled lawlessness in as many cities as possible.

The Next Move Is Up To You

It's Your Decision - Act Or Loose The Country

And apparently, Democrats are onboard with this. If this isn't an indictment of the Democrats, who have run most of our biggest cities for decades, then nothing is.

The Democratic Party, with its currently leadership, needs to be voted out in the next election or I fear our country, as it stands now, will be truly changed, and not in a good way.

Everyone, that means Republicans, Independents, Democrats, Libertarians and anyone else who cares about the future of America, must vote for ANYONE other than a Democrat, No Matter What That Democrat Candidate Says. You cannot trust them to do the right thing, and even if they want to, because they ARE COMPELLED by the leadership of the Democrat Party to tow the Party Line.

This November, Vote Out The Democrats. Also, be careful of voting for Rhinos, Socialists, or Progressive. They have the same goals and politics as Democrats. As a final reminder, DO NOT BELIEVE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA! They ARE one and the same of the same animal. They are nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. BELIVE THEM NOT! I have links to conservative websites that will supply a more honest version the news, although a few of them are just a little too enthusiastic in their views and can overstate the facts. CLICK HERE for the links page.

You Can Be Part Of The Solution!! Vote Vote Vote

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